Gravel – Review

Milestone have long been racing fanatics with Gravel being their 45th release (and vehicular based game) since 1996, so there's plenty of pedigree on offer, but lets take a look at the rough and dirty sounding Gravel. Gravel sounds and at a distance looks every bit as rough and grimy as the name suggest, we're … Continue reading Gravel – Review


Tango Fiesta – Review

John Strong is the worlds greatest action-hero, he's taken down terrorists and alien invasions, but sadly poor Johnny hasn't has the media exposure that others have, so while he might be a bigger action star than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, nobody believes him. Joined by equally uninspiring characters such as Dr Henk, Macmillan, Miller, Conchita … Continue reading Tango Fiesta – Review

The Surge – Review

The Surge is an action-rpg from Deck 13 and Published by Focus Home Interactive, with the average Lords of the Fallen under their belt, could The Surge be a brutal step forward. Set in a dystopian future, the Earth is on it's last legs, and protagonist Warren has enrolled to join project resolve from a company … Continue reading The Surge – Review

Demon’s Crystals – Review

You might have think you've seen every twin-stick shooter imaginable, but have you ever seen demonic girls with wings? Demon's Crystals follows the story of 4 girls, known as the Urican Demons trying to return peace to their world after 3 mysterious beings upset the order. Starting in the appropriate setting of a graveyard, you … Continue reading Demon’s Crystals – Review

Outlast 2 – Review

There's not many titles that I would recommend as scary, a cheap thrill, atmospheric or an attempt to make you jump just doesn't cut it and there's not enough games (or movies) that I can class as "Horror". However Outlast is one game that changed that, small pre-scripted scares, the genuine feeling of being chased … Continue reading Outlast 2 – Review

Yooka-Laylee : Review

Yooka-Laylee is a new title from Platonic and Team 17 but it's sure to bring back a few memories of the late 90's and the golden era of 3D platform collect'a'thons. There's one franchise that will stand out the most, and that of course is Banjo Kazooie, from the partnership protagonists, cutesy art direction and … Continue reading Yooka-Laylee : Review

Mantis Burn Racing : Free & Paid DLC

Mantis Burn Racing was released back in October 2016 and seemed to hit the mark when it comes to a top-quality top down racer, it's widely regarded as one of the best on the Xbox One and I personally reviewed it with a cracking 8.7/10. Roll on six-months and VooFoo studios have just released the … Continue reading Mantis Burn Racing : Free & Paid DLC