DiRT 4 – Review

It's been two years since we saw Dirt Rally, and while I can't quite figure out why we're only now getting DiRT 4, 6 years after Dirt 3, It's safe to say Codemasters have plenty of experience when it comes to rally titles. Two years is a pretty long time, and more and more titles … Continue reading DiRT 4 – Review


Skylar & Plux : Adventure on Clover Island – Review

On the outskirts of the galaxy, the mighty CRT has captured Skylar and equipped the feline protagonist with a mechanical arm, called 'ARM', that can talk. Skylar is our hero in the making, and first job is to save Clover Island. The game begins with Skylar escaping from CRT's secret lair, and crash-landing on Clover … Continue reading Skylar & Plux : Adventure on Clover Island – Review

SubLevel Zero Redux – Review

Being in my thirties I remember the likes of Descent and Forsaken, the Six degree's of freedom shooters that where widely heralded as the next best thing in gaming technology. The genre received an avid following but has never really found it's place on consoles thanks to so little being released outside of the confines … Continue reading SubLevel Zero Redux – Review

Riptide GP : Renegade – Review

It's been two years since Riptide GP 2 appeared on Xbox One and while it had some amazing highs, it also came with a few disappointing lows centralised around the lack of depth. So how well does Riptide GP : Renegade stand up to all time greats like the mighty WaveRace franchise. I was personally a … Continue reading Riptide GP : Renegade – Review

Chime Sharp – Review

Chime was first released on Xbox 360 7 years ago, and while it met critical acclaim and gained a loyal cult following it never quite had the pizzaz to be considered a mainstream classic. Roll on 2017 and Chime Sharp arrives, promising less rough edges, new modes, new visuals and new music, so could this … Continue reading Chime Sharp – Review

Vaccine – Review

One of the most memorable games for horror fans has to be Resident Evil, and while we've seen most titles remade, and the amazing Resident Evil 7 over the last few years, few have come close to the presentation and atmosphere of the original. Vaccine aims to change that and anyone would be forgiven if … Continue reading Vaccine – Review

Uncanny Valley – Review

Resident Evil may have taken the limelight when it comes to new horror games, but there's another title vying for attention, and Uncanny Valley is certainly a disturbed individual. You control Tom, a regular guy, who's got a new job as a security guy at your run of the mill abandoned building which never see's … Continue reading Uncanny Valley – Review