City of Brass – review

Released a few short weeks ago, City of Brass is a promising rogue-like first person game based on the Arabian Nights theme. Armed with a whip and a sword, you're tasked with traversing twelve levels to escape the city cursed with those who have failed before you.  Initially it's incredibly impressive, the sword feels strong … Continue reading City of Brass – review


Masters of Anima – Review

It's been a few years, but there's nothing like raising minions and sending them off to do your work for you, Masters of Anima follows in the trend leaving fans of Pikmin and Necromancers worldwide, eager in anticipation. From the mysterious main menu with a clear contrasting font, Masters of Anima screams mystery and as … Continue reading Masters of Anima – Review

Slayaway Camp : Butchers Cut

Halloween is upon us and what better way to celebrate than slicing up a few students on a murderous rampage. Puzzle games might not sound like the scariest way to spend an evening, but Slayaway Camp is proving otherwise with a bone-cracking smash. Slayaway camp is a sliding object, puzzle title, where you're tasked with … Continue reading Slayaway Camp : Butchers Cut