X-morph Defense – Game Review

I've always enjoyed a good tower-defense title, but those that have really stood out are the few that merge other genres, Sanctum 2 gave a FPS direction, Toy soldiers with in-turret controls and now X-Morph Defense add's twin-stick SHMUP to the fray. Emergency services rush to the scene as an alien craft known as a … Continue reading X-morph Defense – Game Review


Tesla vs Lovecraft – Review

Twin-stick shooters aren't as over saturated as they where on the Xbox 360 but there's still quite a few around but Tesla vs Lovecraft offers a fresh and electric experience, creators 10Tons have a wealth of high-quality twin-stick titles behind them and fans of Jydge, Time Recoil, Crimsonland and Neon Chrome will not be disappointed. … Continue reading Tesla vs Lovecraft – Review

Jydge – Review

Finnish developers 10Tons are quickly building a name for themselves as twin-stick shooter specialists. Last year Neon Chrome set the stage as an impressive twin stick shooter, and only last month Time Recoil proved that twin-stick shooters are capable of breaking the space-time continuum. Looking back to last years Neon Chrome, Jydge is set in … Continue reading Jydge – Review

Time Recoil – Review

Time Recoil is a top-down shooter based in the 80's and as part of the rebellion group 'Recoilers' it's up to you to go back and forth to the future, past and present to defeat Mr Time. Set later on this century, scientists have discovered how to bypass time using generated wormholes, the only side-effect … Continue reading Time Recoil – Review

Tachyon Project : Review

Many of you will remember Project Gotham Racing 2 and the mini game Geometry Wars which later had it's full released known as Geometry Wars : Retro Evolved, for many it was the re-birth of the top down shooter, lovingly known as a twin-stick shooter. Over the years there's been hundreds of variations of the … Continue reading Tachyon Project : Review

Nex Machina – Review

Nex Machina certainly comes from a long line of high quality, with the collaboration between Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis carrying experience with titles such as Resogun &Alienation as well as Robotron and Smash TV from the latter. Nex Machina offers fast action, projectiles covering the screen and hundreds of robots to destroy, without worrying too … Continue reading Nex Machina – Review

Tango Fiesta – Review

John Strong is the worlds greatest action-hero, he's taken down terrorists and alien invasions, but sadly poor Johnny hasn't has the media exposure that others have, so while he might be a bigger action star than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, nobody believes him. Joined by equally uninspiring characters┬ásuch as Dr Henk, Macmillan, Miller, Conchita … Continue reading Tango Fiesta – Review