The Evil Within 2 – Review

It's not very often we see Friday the 13th just before Halloween, but when we do fright fans usually have some horror on their hands and this years it's up to The Evil Within to make its appearance. The first game proved to be a fright filled smash with a few bugs and a pretty … Continue reading The Evil Within 2 – Review


Friday the 13th – Review

Just over 30 years ago, I got my hands on Friday the 13th on the Commodore 64, Barely in School it might have been a little early for me, but running around trying to find Jason is a gaming memory I'll remember forever. As the years passed, plenty of films came around, along with the … Continue reading Friday the 13th – Review

Uncanny Valley – Review

Resident Evil may have taken the limelight when it comes to new horror games, but there's another title vying for attention, and Uncanny Valley is certainly a disturbed individual. You control Tom, a regular guy, who's got a new job as a security guy at your run of the mill abandoned building which never see's … Continue reading Uncanny Valley – Review