Sniper : Ghost Warrior 3 – Review

I was a little late onto the Sniper bandwagon, It was only really Sniper Elite 3 when I really got into the genre, and after thoroughly enjoying Sniper Elite 4, I've been looking forward to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 with high hopes. Starting with the story events follow a modern-day conflict in eastern Europe,┬ácontrolling Jon … Continue reading Sniper : Ghost Warrior 3 – Review


Sniper Elite 4 – Review

Sniper Elite 3 was released back in June 2014 and has built up quite a strong following, but as Karl Fairburne's story takes him to the Mediterranean, how will the Italians take to his testicle busting antics. Most people will know Sniper Elite as the king of X-ray kills, forget about Mortal Kombat, putting a … Continue reading Sniper Elite 4 – Review