Fortnite – Review

Everyone loves a good co-operative shooter and since the days of Left 4 Dead it's a genre that's been ever increasing in popularity. Likewise it's also become somewhat stale as developers strive to reach the quality found in Valve's Zombie smash hit, so there's a few eagle eyes watching on as Fortnite hits Early-access. Fortnite … Continue reading Fortnite – Review

Tachyon Project : Review

Many of you will remember Project Gotham Racing 2 and the mini game Geometry Wars which later had it's full released known as Geometry Wars : Retro Evolved, for many it was the re-birth of the top down shooter, lovingly known as a twin-stick shooter. Over the years there's been hundreds of variations of the … Continue reading Tachyon Project : Review

Ghost Blade HD – Review

Release Date : 14th July 2017 (PS4) also available on Xbox One, PC & WiiU With inspiration from the SHMUP titles of the 90's, some may remember Ghost Blade as the Dreamcast game made for the console in 2015, 14 years after the system was discontinued, but don't panic, Since it's release on Xbox One … Continue reading Ghost Blade HD – Review

Tango Fiesta – Review

John Strong is the worlds greatest action-hero, he's taken down terrorists and alien invasions, but sadly poor Johnny hasn't has the media exposure that others have, so while he might be a bigger action star than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, nobody believes him. Joined by equally uninspiring characters¬†such as Dr Henk, Macmillan, Miller, Conchita … Continue reading Tango Fiesta – Review

Demon’s Crystals – Review

You might have think you've seen every twin-stick shooter imaginable, but have you ever seen demonic girls with wings? Demon's Crystals follows the story of 4 girls, known as the Urican Demons trying to return peace to their world after 3 mysterious beings upset the order. Starting in the appropriate setting of a graveyard, you … Continue reading Demon’s Crystals – Review

Sniper : Ghost Warrior 3 – Review

I was a little late onto the Sniper bandwagon, It was only really Sniper Elite 3 when I really got into the genre, and after thoroughly enjoying Sniper Elite 4, I've been looking forward to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 with high hopes. Starting with the story events follow a modern-day conflict in eastern Europe,¬†controlling Jon … Continue reading Sniper : Ghost Warrior 3 – Review

Aaero – Review

It's been a while since I played a Rhythm action game or an on-rails shooter, There's a number of titles I could mention, Rez, Boom boom Rocket and even back as far as Space Harrier there's been some brilliant games with some cult classics thrown in the good measure, but I can safely say, nothing … Continue reading Aaero – Review