ONRUSH – Review

The best arcade driving game in over 10 years!


Gravel – Review

Milestone have long been racing fanatics with Gravel being their 45th release (and vehicular based game) since 1996, so there's plenty of pedigree on offer, but lets take a look at the rough and dirty sounding Gravel. Gravel sounds and at a distance looks every bit as rough and grimy as the name suggest, we're … Continue reading Gravel – Review

WRC 7 – Review

Big Ben Interactive return once again with WRC 7, and while last years game wasn't bad, Codemasters astounding lead with the Dirt franchise made it difficult to recommend. Roll on WRC 7, with improvements across the board could this be a true contender for the Rally crown. Starting off WRC 7, You'll find a menu … Continue reading WRC 7 – Review

Cars 3 : Driven to Win – Review

You would be forgiven for expecting little from a branded game based on a movie, for many years publishers have been jumping on the big name brands to bring us underwhelming video games, but Warner Brothers, Avalanche and Cars 3 are aiming much higher than 'just another movie game'. Cars 3 doesn't aim to replicate … Continue reading Cars 3 : Driven to Win – Review

Mantis Burn Racing : Free & Paid DLC

Mantis Burn Racing was released back in October 2016 and seemed to hit the mark when it comes to a top-quality top down racer, it's widely regarded as one of the best on the Xbox One and I personally reviewed it with a cracking 8.7/10. Roll on six-months and VooFoo studios have just released the … Continue reading Mantis Burn Racing : Free & Paid DLC