The Escapists 2 – Review

Team 17 and the Escapists return with a fantastic sequel that answers the few critics of the first game while still bringing enough new to the table to make it a worthwhile addition.


88 Heroes – Review

At 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th August 1988, the world teeters on the brink of total annihilation! Dr. H8's demands are simple. Pay 88 octillion dollars within 88 hours or 88 thermo-nuclear warheads pointed directly at earth will be launched. The 88th president of earth calls for urgent crisis talks! 88 leaders from … Continue reading 88 Heroes – Review

A Pixel Story – Review

A Pixel Story is a challenging 2D platformer that shows the graphical evolution of platform gaming over the last 30 years, but what about the progression of the actual gameplay. The game begins as our game character whose a simple ball in a game of pong, is slowly brought into the 8-bit world with visuals … Continue reading A Pixel Story – Review

Chime Sharp – Review

Chime was first released on Xbox 360 7 years ago, and while it met critical acclaim and gained a loyal cult following it never quite had the pizzaz to be considered a mainstream classic. Roll on 2017 and Chime Sharp arrives, promising less rough edges, new modes, new visuals and new music, so could this … Continue reading Chime Sharp – Review

MX Nitro – Review

It might not feel like almost 30 years since Kikstart 2 on the Commodore 64, or even nearly 8 years since Trials HD took the Xbox 360 by storm, but the Motorcycle Trials genre has been around a while and now there's a new but experienced competitor on the starting line. Brought to us by … Continue reading MX Nitro – Review

Kill the Bad Guy – Review

Kill the Bad Guy is a brutally comedic puzzle game about killing and after mopping up criminals on the PC for over two years, it's time to start on the Xbox One. Kill the Bad Guy is quite simply a game about killing, it's very simple.  Like it's art direction it's black and white, there's … Continue reading Kill the Bad Guy – Review

Ittle Dew 2 – Review

Ittle has arrived on a strange island; the raft is wrecked and everything looks a little peculiar... How did you get here? Why are you in a tiny pond? And what do you do now...? Ittle Dew 2 is an action-adventure game which follows Ittle and her side-kick dog Tippsie. After they crash-land on a strange island … Continue reading Ittle Dew 2 – Review