LEGO : Marvel SuperHeroes 2 – Review

Lego games haven't changed much over the years, with the exception of Lego Worlds, the core games have a few tweaks here and there but they've mostly stuck with the same formula of high quality platform based gameplay mixed with fighting and puzzle elements, with plenty of humour and a wide range of characters and … Continue reading LEGO : Marvel SuperHeroes 2 – Review


Lego : The Ninjago Movie – Review

Travellers Tales have been bringing us quality Lego titles for 12 years, and while some iterations have been nothing more than a face-lift, others have revolutionized the Lego genre by introducing new gameplay elements and franchises. The Ninjago Movie is upon us and it seems set to pave the way to an even greater future … Continue reading Lego : The Ninjago Movie – Review

Lego City : Undercover – Review

Lego City : Undercover first surfaced back on the Nintendo Wii in 2013, widely regarded as one of the better third-party titles on the system, it's now time to step up to the Xbox One. Lego City : Undercover follows our protagonist, Chase McCain. Returning to Lego City to hunt down the escaped convict Rex … Continue reading Lego City : Undercover – Review