The Crew 2 – Review

It's not that long ago I was reviewing the fantastic Onrush, but away from the power-ups, there's still plenty of arcade action across America, especially now we've got The Crew 2 spanning from New york to San Francisco in car, plane and boat. The first Crew title didn't quite get the following it deserved, it … Continue reading The Crew 2 – Review


PixARK – Preview

PixARK didn't have the best start to life on the Xbox One, initially it was deemed a buggy mess, but as the months go by updates have started to improve the game and things are looking up. The Minecraft-like pixellated interpretation of the fantastic Ark: Survival Evolved, will have many drooling from the fangs, but … Continue reading PixARK – Preview

Beholder : Complete Edition – Review

Something's not quite right next door, the family are acting suspicious and goverment officials want them evicted, It's up to Carl to sneak in, plant video cameras in the apartment and gain evidence, or he could just put a few apples into the Wardrobe and call the police. Beholder is a game about spying on … Continue reading Beholder : Complete Edition – Review

Road Rage – Review

Back in 1991, Road Rash emerged as a fan favourite arcade racing game that gave a fun mix between arcade racing and vehicular combat, roll on 18 years and we've seen the racing game develop into a near lifelike representation of speed, but many miss the arcade roots or unadulterated fun. Roll-up Team 6 studios … Continue reading Road Rage – Review

Outcast : Second Contact – Review

Outcast was originally released back in 1999, at the cutting edge of 3D gaming it was well received by gamers and critics like.  Roll on 15 years and 2014 saw the initial Kickstarter campaign fail leaving Outcast in limbo, Big Ben Interactive picked up the pieces and finally in 2017 we have Outcast: Second Contact.. … Continue reading Outcast : Second Contact – Review

MudRunner – A Spintires Game – Review

When you mention Off-road, most will think about arcade classics or more recent motorcross or quad-bikes, but there's a different area of the genre we haven't seen much of, it's trickier and much dirtier, so could MudRunner's exploration of real off-road simulation be worth a look. You can ask any 10 year old boy and … Continue reading MudRunner – A Spintires Game – Review