Soma – Review

Soma begins in modern-day Toronto, as Simon Jarrett awake on the day of his brain scan. Since a horrific car crash, Simon's been left with terminal brain injuries and as the clock ticks away to the inevitable end, Simon decides to take a risk with pioneering experimental work which will use a scan of Simon's … Continue reading Soma – Review


Bleed – Review

Indie games are ever popular and recently we've seen more and more hit latest consoles. Concentrating more on unique gameplay rather than groundbreaking graphics, Bleed fits into what you'd expect from an indie game, bargain price, unique and fun gameplay but an unfortunate highlight of how far behind AAA titles too many indie titles are. … Continue reading Bleed – Review

Aaero – Review

It's been a while since I played a Rhythm action game or an on-rails shooter, There's a number of titles I could mention, Rez, Boom boom Rocket and even back as far as Space Harrier there's been some brilliant games with some cult classics thrown in the good measure, but I can safely say, nothing … Continue reading Aaero – Review