Bleed – Review

Indie games are ever popular and recently we've seen more and more hit latest consoles. Concentrating more on unique gameplay rather than groundbreaking graphics, Bleed fits into what you'd expect from an indie game, bargain price, unique and fun gameplay but an unfortunate highlight of how far behind AAA titles too many indie titles are. … Continue reading Bleed – Review

Aven Colony – Review

Before we get into the guts of Aven Colony, it's worth noting that Mothership Entertainment are a small development team from Austin Texas (U.S), comprised of only 4 veteran game developers, it's a real mark of achievement to produce a game that's so complete, and also give members of the press such early access to … Continue reading Aven Colony – Review

Injustice 2 – Review

NeatherRealm studios have built up a fantastic reputation, mostly with the Mortal Kombat series, but after an appearance in Mortal Kombat vs DC universe, Injustice God's Among Us proved that the DC characters could fight their own battles. Continuing from the Batman vs Superman turmoil in Injustice : Gods Among Us and the recent cinematic … Continue reading Injustice 2 – Review

Skylar & Plux : Adventure on Clover Island – Review

On the outskirts of the galaxy, the mighty CRT has captured Skylar and equipped the feline protagonist with a mechanical arm, called 'ARM', that can talk. Skylar is our hero in the making, and first job is to save Clover Island. The game begins with Skylar escaping from CRT's secret lair, and crash-landing on Clover … Continue reading Skylar & Plux : Adventure on Clover Island – Review

Dreamfall Chapters – Review

Dreamfall chapters is the sequel to 'Dreamfall' and the third game in the Longest Journey saga. Continuing the story of Zoe, the popular adventure game returns in this episodic release, The Xbox One version covers all 5 chapters (books) and continues pretty close to where Dreamfall finished. Fans of the franchise will immediately feel at … Continue reading Dreamfall Chapters – Review

Farming Simulator 17 – Review

It's two years since the last Farming Simulator title released on consoles as Farming Simulator 2016 was only available on mobile devices. But Farming Simulator 2017 is finally here and brings mod support and an even wider range of licensed vehicles and tools. Not too many years ago, I played my first Farming Simulator title, … Continue reading Farming Simulator 17 – Review