Outcast : Second Contact – Review

Outcast was originally released back in 1999, at the cutting edge of 3D gaming it was well received by gamers and critics like.¬† Roll on 15 years and 2014 saw the initial Kickstarter campaign fail leaving Outcast in limbo, Big Ben Interactive picked up the pieces and finally in 2017 we have Outcast: Second Contact.. … Continue reading Outcast : Second Contact – Review


Perception – Review

Everyone likes a good thriller, and while the concept of a blind woman walking around a house might not sound very horrific, having limited awareness of your surroundings using echo-location proves a spine-tingling suspense builder to create a unique and intriguing game. Cassie is a young woman that's been troubled, while her blindness doesn't hold … Continue reading Perception – Review

Mutant League Football – Preview Program Review

Over two decades ago, Electronic Arts backed a controversial game, stepping away from their usual standard of simulation games, Mutant League Football released in '93 packed with alien, monsters and robot's who are more likely to pummel your team into forfeit than win the game by scoring more points, It was a fresh look on … Continue reading Mutant League Football – Preview Program Review

Assassins Creed : Origins – X Review

Assassins Creed has been bringing us the battle between the Brotherhood and Assassins for a decade now and after a gap-year, Origins brings us the prequel story as you take control of the new protagonist Bayek. Initially Assassins Creed looks, feels and plays just like Assassins Creed, an introductory scrap with a mask assailant, Bayek … Continue reading Assassins Creed : Origins – X Review

Assault Android Cactus – Review

Everyone loves a good twin stick shooter, and when you grab an assault android called Cactus and slap her into a top-down frenzy with cut scenes reminiscent of Jet Force Gemini, surely it's going to be a smash. Assault Android Cactus is a story of an Assault Android, called Cactus, surprisingly simple, but when a … Continue reading Assault Android Cactus – Review

MudRunner – A Spintires Game – Review

When you mention Off-road, most will think about arcade classics or more recent motorcross or quad-bikes, but there's a different area of the genre we haven't seen much of, it's trickier and much dirtier, so could MudRunner's exploration of real off-road simulation be worth a look. You can ask any 10 year old boy and … Continue reading MudRunner – A Spintires Game – Review

Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus – Review

Wolfenstein is one of the longest running gaming franchises, since it's 1981 roots, the 2014 reboot Wolfenstein: The New Order was a welcome change adding depth, variety and a solid story, so will¬† The New Colossus live up to the Wolfenstein name. My first hour with Wolfenstein 2, wasn't particularly the strongest, It's been a … Continue reading Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus – Review