Cars 3 : Driven to Win – Review

You would be forgiven for expecting little from a branded game based on a movie, for many years publishers have been jumping on the big name brands to bring us underwhelming video games, but Warner Brothers, Avalanche and Cars 3 are aiming much higher than 'just another movie game'. Cars 3 doesn't aim to replicate … Continue reading Cars 3 : Driven to Win – Review

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure – Review

With the postal service here in the UK mostly dominated by the ever disappointing Royal Mail, surely everyone's going to be interested about a game based on delivering packages and becoming the ultimate postal service. We're not talking about Amazon's reliance on third party couriers, DHL, Hermes or DPD, This is Newbie's time to shine. … Continue reading Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure – Review

Tachyon Project : Review

Many of you will remember Project Gotham Racing 2 and the mini game Geometry Wars which later had it's full released known as Geometry Wars : Retro Evolved, for many it was the re-birth of the top down shooter, lovingly known as a twin-stick shooter. Over the years there's been hundreds of variations of the … Continue reading Tachyon Project : Review

Crossout – Review

We used to love titles like Twisted Metal, Mariokart, Wipeout and Destruction derby and Blur, but in the near future (2021) a Mysterious viral epidemic is going to sweep through the world and the only option will be Crossout... Following on from the popularity of the aforementioned vehicular combat titles, and the recent surge of … Continue reading Crossout – Review

Dungeon Defenders 2 – Review

The original Dungeon Defenders was certainly a hit, carrying a fairly cheap price tag, plenty of options and a fun mix of tower defence and third person action, how on earth could a sequel better the foundations laid down in the first game. At first glimpse Dungeon Defenders 2 answers that perfectly, with the transition … Continue reading Dungeon Defenders 2 – Review