Vampyr – Review

Dontnod might be better known for the fantastic decision based story Life is Strange but the French developer treads new ground with the action RPG Vampyr. Set in early 1900's London, you take control of Doctor Jonathon Reid, waking dazed and injured after an attack you find yourself the newest recruit for the vampire club, … Continue reading Vampyr – Review


Agony – Review

When Agony was first announced people took notice because of the promise of true horror, disturbing shock tactics and stalking scares looked set to shake up the horror game industry, but is the new title by MadMind Studio one hell of a game or caught up in it's own anguish. The game begins with you … Continue reading Agony – Review

Rocket League – Salty Shores Update

I've long been a fan of Rocket League, while it's almost 3 years old, I still fire it up for a game at least weekly, and along with it's online popularity, regular content updates keep the game improving month after month. Psyonix have just announced the new Salty Shores Update will launch in┬áRocket League … Continue reading Rocket League – Salty Shores Update

Far Cry 5 : Review

Far Cry has always impressed me, from the feral roots of Instincts on the original Xbox to the lush open world of Far Cry 2, and the crazy but effective antagonists in Far Cry 3 and 4. I'm not ashamed to say I wasn't all that excited about the release of Far Cry 5, playing … Continue reading Far Cry 5 : Review

Metropolis : Lux Obscura – Review

I enjoy match-three puzzle games, Bejewelled and Puzzle Quest stand out, but even today you will find me collecting heroes on Legendary (mobile), so when I saw Metropolis : Lux Obscura approaching release, the match-three action seemed just as enticing as the near soft-porn action shown in the screenshots. Starting Metropolis, you'll take control of … Continue reading Metropolis : Lux Obscura – Review

Tesla vs Lovecraft – Review

Twin-stick shooters aren't as over saturated as they where on the Xbox 360 but there's still quite a few around but Tesla vs Lovecraft offers a fresh and electric experience, creators 10Tons have a wealth of high-quality twin-stick titles behind them and fans of Jydge, Time Recoil, Crimsonland and Neon Chrome will not be disappointed. … Continue reading Tesla vs Lovecraft – Review