Middle Earth : Shadow of War – Review

It wasn't that long ago that Shadow of Mordor took the gaming world by storm, bagging numerous awards and giving brutal, free-flowing combat a home right next door to the nemesis system which would make your contact with enemy captains far more than just another body in the graveyard. The sequel Shadow of War is … Continue reading Middle Earth : Shadow of War – Review


The Coma – Recut

The Coma is a side scrolling 2D survival horror game by Korean developers Devespresso. We're pretty used to being made to feel like the hunted in a three dimensional world, but it's a pretty unique stance to have a crazed killed chasing you around a school on just the two planes. Set inside Sehwa High … Continue reading The Coma – Recut

INK – Review

Digerati have a track record for finding little gems, and Ink by Space cowboy / ZackBell Games could well be their next mini-hit. Ink is a simple game, nothing more than a soft melody in the background and a retro inspired 'pixel' style showing your profile and the word Ink shown by splatters of ink … Continue reading INK – Review

Maize – Review

With adventure games growing like a field full of corn, Maize stands out as one centralised around, a field of corn... There's been a little confusion between some slightly bonkers scientists and the government. After a brief tutorial of sorts (that does as much to hold your hand as my pet cat does). You'll discover … Continue reading Maize – Review

Killing Floor 2 – Review

Killing Floor 2 might have been around a while on PC and PS4, but finally it's made it's way to the Xbox One. With Valve's Left 4 Dead franchise nowhere to be seen, it's up to Killing Floor 2 to pick up the pieces, arms, intestines and brains of the Co-op (Zombie) survival shooter genre. … Continue reading Killing Floor 2 – Review

SEUM : Speedrunners from Hell – Review

Created by a small Croatian development team SEUM is the self professed bastard child of Quake and Super Meat Boy. There's nothing light about SEUM, from the Heavy Metal Intro that see's a mysterious record summon the devil who steals all your beers, or the unforgiving difficulty, SEUM is a hardcore game, for those looking … Continue reading SEUM : Speedrunners from Hell – Review

Masquerada : Songs & Shadows – Review

Masquerada Songs & Shadows come from a small development team in Singapore, we might not have heard much from Witching hour studios, except for a few mobile titles, but with Masquerada Songs and Shadow's they've certainly made a giant leap to console gaming. Masquerada (as we'll call it from here on in) is a fantasty … Continue reading Masquerada : Songs & Shadows – Review