Monster Energy Supercross – Review

I've always enjoyed a good Supercross game, even back to the early years of console gaming but as technology advanced, we get more action on screen and a more refined gameplay experience, so surely modern day Supercross titles will be among the best. Q1 brings us two Supercross games, but first out of the block … Continue reading Monster Energy Supercross – Review


Monster Hunter : World – Review

The Monster Hunter franchise has been around for almost a decade and a half, and while it's built up a massive fan base over the last 14 years, it's one game I've never really spent the time with, until now... so how does Monster Hunter : World treat a newbie. Over the last 30 years, … Continue reading Monster Hunter : World – Review

Ultimate Chicken Horse – Review

There's some weird and wonderful games and Ultimate Chicken Horse fits the bill perfectly. Developed by Clever Endeavour Games, a small 5 man team based in Montreal Canada, Ultimate Chicken Horse is an indie hit, that's every bit as exciting to play as it is intriguing to see in action as you dynamically create levels … Continue reading Ultimate Chicken Horse – Review

Innerspace – Review

Flying around exploring the landscape sounds like a tranquil experience, but add in relic's and make that world inverted so instead of skies your surroundings are inside a hollow globe of water known as the inverse and InnerSpace starts to sound even more intriguing. Taking the hands of the Cartographer, you fly an Airframe, which … Continue reading Innerspace – Review

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Review

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter may have been around for three years, but it's finally arrived on the Xbox One, along with full 4K support and a new Free roam mode. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a story driven game from developers 'The Astronauts', Following our protagonist Paul Prospero, you're on the search for … Continue reading The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Review

Oh My Godheads – Review

It's been a few months since I first played Oh My Godheads, but with developer Tuitutitech and Square Enix Collective's crazy couch competitive arena title only 5 days away, I've finally got my hands on the final release build so let's take a look at what Godheads is all about. Oh My Godheads pits teams … Continue reading Oh My Godheads – Review