Echo – (PS4) Review

For many years video games have been pushing towards the perfect Artificial intelligence, and stealth-puzzle survival title Echo takes that one step further, glancing into the future with the ultimate AI. After an impressive title screen showing a close up view of an Eyeball that looks around the screen as you move to highlight the … Continue reading Echo – (PS4) Review


Stereo Aereo – Review

Stereo Aereo might sound strangely familiar but developers StoneBot Studio insist it's nothing to do with Mad Fellow's smash hit Aero. ¬†While still very much a rhythm action title, Stereo Aereo steps back to the 80's for a much more retro outing. You control one of Stereo Aereo, a mediocre sci-fi rock-band intent on getting … Continue reading Stereo Aereo – Review

Cities Skylines : Playstation 4 Edition – Review

City building... It's a genre of game that I've long been a fan of, but with most of my gaming on home consoles, there's not been quite as much choice. Sim City 2013's early issues killed any chance of a console release, and while Tropico and the more recent Aven Colony are great titles, non … Continue reading Cities Skylines : Playstation 4 Edition – Review

Tachyon Project : Review

Many of you will remember Project Gotham Racing 2 and the mini game Geometry Wars which later had it's full released known as Geometry Wars : Retro Evolved, for many it was the re-birth of the top down shooter, lovingly known as a twin-stick shooter. Over the years there's been hundreds of variations of the … Continue reading Tachyon Project : Review

Dungeon Defenders 2 – Review

The original Dungeon Defenders was certainly a hit, carrying a fairly cheap price tag, plenty of options and a fun mix of tower defence and third person action, how on earth could a sequel better the foundations laid down in the first game. At first glimpse Dungeon Defenders 2 answers that perfectly, with the transition … Continue reading Dungeon Defenders 2 – Review