Earth Atlantis coming to iOS

Readers might remember my Earth Atlantis review on Xbox One, Scoring a respectable 6.8/10, my closing comments where.... Earth Atlantis is a compelling game which gives plenty of reason to play through... which might have remained in higher esteem on a portable console. While the Switch version has been out a while, today's news that … Continue reading Earth Atlantis coming to iOS


ZombiED Preview (iOS / Android)

Tower Defense games suit the mobile platform perfectly, so throwing zombies into the mix can only mean great things. I've been lucky enough to have some hands on time with an early build ZombiED ahead of release and it's shaping up to look really impressive. There's been some mysterious pathogen unleashed at the William R … Continue reading ZombiED Preview (iOS / Android)

Dronetopolis AR – (iPhone) Review

It's not very often I review mobile games, but with the dawn of Apple's AR Kit there's a distinct new feel about AR, and Dronetopolis does a fantastic job of showcasing what can be achieved with AR Kit. More 'for fun' than a serious direction, Dronetopolis allows you to control a drone wherever you are, … Continue reading Dronetopolis AR – (iPhone) Review