ZombiED Preview (iOS / Android)

Tower Defense games suit the mobile platform perfectly, so throwing zombies into the mix can only mean great things. I've been lucky enough to have some hands on time with an early build ZombiED ahead of release and it's shaping up to look really impressive. There's been some mysterious pathogen unleashed at the William R … Continue reading ZombiED Preview (iOS / Android)


Claybook – Game Preview review

It took a while for the Xbox Game Preview Program to get running, but we're constantly seeing more and more titles make use of the open landscape of the preview program for the latter stages of development, allowing gamers to get hands on with the game before it's fully complete isn't everyone's cup of tea, … Continue reading Claybook – Game Preview review

Mutant League Football – Preview Program Review

Over two decades ago, Electronic Arts backed a controversial game, stepping away from their usual standard of simulation games, Mutant League Football released in '93 packed with alien, monsters and robot's who are more likely to pummel your team into forfeit than win the game by scoring more points, It was a fresh look on … Continue reading Mutant League Football – Preview Program Review

Aven Colony – Xbox One Preview

For years we've been building civilisations in large cities, tropical islands and fantasy worlds, however while we're constantly told over-population is going to mean colonising another planet, there's nothing on home consoles allowing you to build a new civilisation on a distant planet, until now. Aven Colony is the forthcoming release by developer Mothership under … Continue reading Aven Colony – Xbox One Preview