Welcome to LAWGaming.

36 year olds, with a day job, wife and kids, my hobby has always been gaming, since I was a toddler, ranging from the Acorn Electron, C64 and through to the latest consoles, I’ve forever had an interest in more than just playing the game.

In 2005, during a difficult time, I found myself with plenty of time and started writing about the games I enjoyed so much, within a few months, I found more and more people requesting reviews for specific titles and plenty of compliments about my writing.

Writing for small blogs and forums, for a number of years, It was 2011 when I decided to start my own website ‘Eurgame’ and within months I received my first promotional copy from Activision, with Capcom, Square Enix and Microsoft soon to follow.

Since then I’ve reviewed hundreds of video games from a gargantuan range of public relations companies, publishers and developers across the industry and for a wide variety of websites.  I currently provide reviews to Xbox Sector and regional press, The Newark Advertiser although my articles can regularly be seen on apps such as Appy Gamer.

While I’ve never forged a career so to speak, I’ve continued to provide my reviews voluntarily for the love of gaming and the chance to share my opinions and experience with gamers worldwide, At 36, I’m not sure if the right opportunity would ever come knocking, but I do know whenever I’ve got the spare time I’ve got a fantastic hobby that I enjoy, both playing, writing about and reviewing video games.


If you wish to feature any of my reviews, please feel free to drop me an email at game@law1980.com

Please note, due to the freelance nature, many reviews found on this website may also be available on other websites across the internet, if you’re ever concerned that my work has been plagiarised, please feel free to email me, however below are some of the sites I’ve worked with at some point, and so you can expect to see my work in these places.

  • Newarkadvertiser.co.uk
  • XboxSector.com
  • News-republic, inc : Appy Gamer
  • XboxOneUK.com
  • TheXboxHub.com
  • Pixeldinamo.com
  • GeekMode.uk
  • Eurgame.com
  • Obie.eu
  • Gamespress.com



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