Jurassic World: Evolution

Back in the 90's I lost count of the hours I put into games like Theme Park, Theme Hospital and later, the Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise, more recently Planet Coaster on the PC fulfills most of a park managers dreams, but on console's there's very limited choice. Jurassic World: Evolution doesn't just bring a decent park … Continue reading Jurassic World: Evolution


PixARK – Preview

PixARK didn't have the best start to life on the Xbox One, initially it was deemed a buggy mess, but as the months go by updates have started to improve the game and things are looking up. The Minecraft-like pixellated interpretation of the fantastic Ark: Survival Evolved, will have many drooling from the fangs, but … Continue reading PixARK – Preview

Earth Atlantis coming to iOS

Readers might remember my Earth Atlantis review on Xbox One, Scoring a respectable 6.8/10, my closing comments where.... Earth Atlantis is a compelling game which gives plenty of reason to play through... which might have remained in higher esteem on a portable console. While the Switch version has been out a while, today's news that … Continue reading Earth Atlantis coming to iOS

Vampyr – Review

Dontnod might be better known for the fantastic decision based story Life is Strange but the French developer treads new ground with the action RPG Vampyr. Set in early 1900's London, you take control of Doctor Jonathon Reid, waking dazed and injured after an attack you find yourself the newest recruit for the vampire club, … Continue reading Vampyr – Review