Masters of Anima – Review

It's been a few years, but there's nothing like raising minions and sending them off to do your work for you, Masters of Anima follows in the trend leaving fans of Pikmin and Necromancers worldwide, eager in anticipation. From the mysterious main menu with a clear contrasting font, Masters of Anima screams mystery and as … Continue reading Masters of Anima – Review


PC Build Complete

Wednesday, I took the plunge, cleared the table and started to build, The finished product was thankfully problem free, here's the parts... Not super-powerful but it handles everything i've thrown at it in some way and when I add a Nvidia 1060, it should be fine for anything 1080p for the near future. Happy … Continue reading PC Build Complete

Far Cry 5 : Review

Far Cry has always impressed me, from the feral roots of Instincts on the original Xbox to the lush open world of Far Cry 2, and the crazy but effective antagonists in Far Cry 3 and 4. I'm not ashamed to say I wasn't all that excited about the release of Far Cry 5, playing … Continue reading Far Cry 5 : Review

Metropolis : Lux Obscura – Review

I enjoy match-three puzzle games, Bejewelled and Puzzle Quest stand out, but even today you will find me collecting heroes on Legendary (mobile), so when I saw Metropolis : Lux Obscura approaching release, the match-three action seemed just as enticing as the near soft-porn action shown in the screenshots. Starting Metropolis, you'll take control of … Continue reading Metropolis : Lux Obscura – Review