Attack on Titan 2 (A.O.T. 2 in Europe) is a game following the second season of the Anime of the same name, it's weird, wonderful and one thing you can be sure of is getting pursued by giant naked titans that want to eat you for lunch. AOT2 isn't for the narrow minded, these Titans … Continue reading


X-morph Defense – Game Review

I've always enjoyed a good tower-defense title, but those that have really stood out are the few that merge other genres, Sanctum 2 gave a FPS direction, Toy soldiers with in-turret controls and now X-Morph Defense add's twin-stick SHMUP to the fray. Emergency services rush to the scene as an alien craft known as a … Continue reading X-morph Defense – Game Review

Tesla vs Lovecraft – Review

Twin-stick shooters aren't as over saturated as they where on the Xbox 360 but there's still quite a few around but Tesla vs Lovecraft offers a fresh and electric experience, creators 10Tons have a wealth of high-quality twin-stick titles behind them and fans of Jydge, Time Recoil, Crimsonland and Neon Chrome will not be disappointed. … Continue reading Tesla vs Lovecraft – Review

Gravel – Review

Milestone have long been racing fanatics with Gravel being their 45th release (and vehicular based game) since 1996, so there's plenty of pedigree on offer, but lets take a look at the rough and dirty sounding Gravel. Gravel sounds and at a distance looks every bit as rough and grimy as the name suggest, we're … Continue reading Gravel – Review