Claybook – Game Preview review

It took a while for the Xbox Game Preview Program to get running, but we're constantly seeing more and more titles make use of the open landscape of the preview program for the latter stages of development, allowing gamers to get hands on with the game before it's fully complete isn't everyone's cup of tea, … Continue reading Claybook – Game Preview review


Turok 2 : Seeds of Evil – Review

Just like my review of the original Turok remaster (link to XboxSector), We've had our hands on the second game, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil released from Night Dive studios which was originally brought to PC last year. Following on from the original the event of Dinosaur Hunter caused a dangerous alien entity known as the Primagen … Continue reading Turok 2 : Seeds of Evil – Review

Turok (classic) – Review

At 37 years old, I remember the original Turok fondly, one of the best FPS titles of it's time... Fans have been calling out for a proper remake and Night Dive studio are finally bringing the classic to Xbox One after the succesful remaster for PC at the end of 2015. There's no shame in … Continue reading Turok (classic) – Review

Bridge Constructor Portal – Review

The Bridge constructor franchise first hit Xbox back in 2015 with a mixed reaction to the genre that had already taken Smart phones by storm, constructing bridges to get vehicles across a large gap was far more fun than it initially sounds, and while the 2016 sequel, Bridge Constructor Stunts merged driving mechanics which took … Continue reading Bridge Constructor Portal – Review

Immortal Redneck – Review

We've been lucky enough to have Immortal Redneck in our grasp for over a month now and with the release upon us we can finally reveal our opinions on the rogue-like FPS... From the loading screen which looks like a mash-up of overwatch and Smite, it's pretty clear that Immortal Redneck is quite unique, you … Continue reading Immortal Redneck – Review

Dynasty Warriors 9 – Review

The original Dynasty Warriors was released back in 1997, but it was three years later in the year 2000 with Dynasty Warriors 2 when the series really shot to fame, providing the first real battle experience against dozens, even hundreds of enemies on screen it was a game unlike any other. Since then the Dynasty … Continue reading Dynasty Warriors 9 – Review

The Station – Review

The Space Station Espiel is beyond anything we've seen before, cloaking technology capable of rendering the station completely invisible, this technology has allowed the Espiel to sit on the outskirts of a strange alien planet known as Psy-Prime, Upon Psy-Prime the intelligent inhabitants are trapped in an ever-strong ongoing civil war between themselves seemingly unaware … Continue reading The Station – Review