Oh My Godheads – Review

It’s been a few months since I first played Oh My Godheads, but with developer Tuitutitech and Square Enix Collective’s crazy couch competitive arena title only 5 days away, I’ve finally got my hands on the final release build so let’s take a look at what Godheads is all about.

Oh My Godheads pits teams of 1 or 2 players against each other in popular multiplayer modes, the gameplay usually centralizes around a Godhead which is a large artifact which can turn the tides of a match in an instant.

From the main menu, you’ll have five options, Capture the Head, King of the Head, Head Hunters, Last Man Standing and the single player only Trials.

Trials is the perfect way to get to grips with Godheads, with 10 challenges ranging from simply killing as many opponents as possible in a minute to winning a match 1 vs 1. Each challenge rewards you a bronze, silver or gold medal and while these early challenges might only take a few attempts, you’ll probably find one or two (well, 2 & 10 specifically) which will take a bit of practice before you can take home the gold medal.

Initially I was somewhat disappointed that these challenges flew past so easily, however upon winning the 10th gold medal, you’ll unlock another tower packed with a further 10 challenges which start to concentrate a little more on the powers of the individual heads.  It’s not the deepest single player mode you can imagine but it’s a great way to get to grips with the gameplay and it’s safe to say after navigating your way past a dozen or so challenges you’ll certainly be better equipped for taking on your friends.

While the 4 primary modes can all be played single player, or co-operatively against A.I, the emphasis is certainly on getting a few friends around. Capture the Head see’s the head replace a flag as you try to deliver it to your base, King of the Head requires you to keep hold of the head for the longest total amount of time, Headhunters and Last Man Standing removes the Head for a straightforward Deathmatch or Last Man Standing game which are brought to life by a variety of crazy power-ups.

Gameplay does start to feel a little repetitive when you’re battling against the A.I, which starts to feel limited with 3 difficulty settings. However get a few friends over and it’s a different story, fast, frantic and funny is the best way to sum up the crazy gameplay.

It’s a real shame that there’s no online options other than leaderboards for the trials, and while I spoke to the dev’s personally and understand their preference of providing a top-class couch multiplayer, I really think both the Xbox and online service would have done Godheads justice.

Moving on to the graphics and while it could be classed as basic, the blocky graphics have a certain appeal with bright colourful surroundings and enough effects to make the special powers feel special and powerful.

Most importantly everything moves along at a blistering pace and while you’ll wish you where a little faster when trying to run away with the Godhead, you’ll soon start to appreciate the smoothness, especially when you realise the importance of timing everything from the basic hit, jumping dives or charge attacks.

Throughout most of the game you’ll be accompanied by typical adventure music which wouldn’t seem out of place in a Pokemon battle.

It’s fair to say it’s adequate, but a little more attention to the presentation could have made Godheads far more appealing rather than relying on people actually getting hold of the pad to experience the gameplay.

For the single player, it’s unlikely to last past week 1, trials soon start to become tedious and while some will take great pride in their leaderboard positions for every single trial, most will tire after the first evening or two.

However if you regularly have friends or family joining you in front of the TV, then Godheads will find a special place in your collection, besides titles like Overcooked it’s fantastic fun. Unfortunately this fun is limited without more for the solo players or an online option, but for £11.99 it’s worth every penny if you’re joined by a few other players.

Bottom Line :

Oh My Godheads is a tough game to call, while we’ve scored it 8/10, those looking for only a single player title will be best avoiding it, however anyone playing reguarly with friends at home will find Godheads one of the best couch co-op / multiplayer games.
Sadly there’s no online multiplayer gameplay meaning Godheads will certainly be loved, but only by a limited fanbase.

Gameplay : 9

Graphics : 8

Sound : 7.5

Story : 7.5

Value : 8

Overall : 8 / 10


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