LEGO : Marvel SuperHeroes 2 – Review

Lego games haven’t changed much over the years, with the exception of Lego Worlds, the core games have a few tweaks here and there but they’ve mostly stuck with the same formula of high quality platform based gameplay mixed with fighting and puzzle elements, with plenty of humour and a wide range of characters and unlocks.

The original Marvel SuperHeroes was one of the best Lego games to date, so will Marvel SuperHeroes 2 improve on the original formula.

The game beings with the guardians of the Galaxy under facing off against the forces of the evil Kang and his odd sword-shaped craft. After the short 10 minute section to reintroduced gamers to the core gameplay, the ship heads off to concentrate on upsetting more than a handful of heroes and soon enough you’re back in Chronopolis which soon expands to other themed worlds as you take your pick from what I believe is the largest character roster yet.

With 176 Character slots, 10 more for custom entires and various different styles of many popular figures, there’s well over 200 including variations, many of these unlock with progression, but while I would have liked to see the Minibag system found in Lego Ninjago, you will be chasing bricks to make certain unlocks too.

Lego titles are well known for their humour and attention to detail, so whether it’s Star-Lord putting his Walkman on and dancing across the screen, freezing enemies in a melodic trance, or Spidermans witty one-liners, there’s going to be plenty to grab your attention regardless of your knowledge of some of the smaller names, there’s a great cast ranging from well known figures from both the comic and cinematic universes.

While I’ve always been fond of the Lego titles, these last few years, I’ve come to see them in a whole new way, sure I’m enjoying playing through the missions cooperatively with my step-son, just as I did with my twins 3-4 years ago, but now 10, my twin boys have opened up a whole new level of Lego gameplay, Sure they play through the story, but they go back, time and time again, enjoying free-roam and working away at every last character.

After seeing Marvel Super Heroes 2 last week, they where overwhelmed with the sheer number of characters locked away and informed me that over the last year, they’ve unlocked everyone except for Stan Lee in the original title.

It goes without saying that anyone willing to apply this degree of dedication will find months of entertainment, and while the story isn’t quite as involving the second time round (and Kang isn’t a villain people are as aware of) there’s still plenty to keep you going.

Graphically, SuperHeroes 2 continues to raise the bar, while there’s no Xbox One X enhancements, it’s still beside the latest games in the series as the most visually impressive to date, that’s expected with improvements in hardware and I hope that it’s not too long before we see One X enhancements pushing 4K visuals in the future.

We’re currently unsure if a update is expected for SuperHeroes 2, Travellers Tales did inform us earlier in the year it’s something they’re looking at, but no word yet.  Either way, let’s hope they can push future games that little bit more now there’s the graphical power to do so.

Audio is always high quality and once agian we’re not disappointed, character voices are well done and while some lines feel a little scripted, it’s still well delivered and as believable as any Marvel script can be.

While the similar control scheme, puzzles, overall presentation and gameplay won’t really surprise anyone who’s played a Lego title over the last decade or so, it’s great to have a fresh, original story once again, without limitations of a movie or pre-scripted outcome the developers have been free to bring characters in and out of the story freely and it all feels smoother in comparison, Kang’s time-travelling powers are a perfect example, and while Doctor strange did throw up an issue early on with his powers proving hard to master at the castle, it’s nice to see a few more abilities added to the ranks.

It goes without saying that Lego Marvel SuperHeroes is a very good game, and many fans of the titles will lap it up for the new story, characters and countless hours you can spend unlocking everything, but the wait for something genuinely fresh and innovative goes on.

Bottom Line :

Lego Marvel SuperHeroes 2 is a massive game that will please fans of Lego titles, Marvel heroes or top quality family games.
Sure the core gameplay hasn’t changed much over the years and we’re patiently waiting for that next step, but If you’re considering Marvel SuperHeroes 2, you won’t be dissapointed.

Gameplay : 8

Gaphics : 8

Sound : 8

Story : 8

Value : 8.5

Overall : 8.1 / 10


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