Oh My Godheads – Review

It's been a few months since I first played Oh My Godheads, but with developer Tuitutitech and Square Enix Collective's crazy couch competitive arena title only 5 days away, I've finally got my hands on the final release build so let's take a look at what Godheads is all about. Oh My Godheads pits teams … Continue reading Oh My Godheads – Review


LEGO : Marvel SuperHeroes 2 – Review

Lego games haven't changed much over the years, with the exception of Lego Worlds, the core games have a few tweaks here and there but they've mostly stuck with the same formula of high quality platform based gameplay mixed with fighting and puzzle elements, with plenty of humour and a wide range of characters and … Continue reading LEGO : Marvel SuperHeroes 2 – Review

Bush Hockey League – Review

Electronic Arts might be the Ice Hockey kings, but one thing they've not offered much to arcade fans since the pretty awesome 3 on 3 NHL Arcade back in 2009. With a hefty gap since any arcade hockey game hit home consoles, Bush Hockey League arrives featuring punch ups, big hits and story based progression, … Continue reading Bush Hockey League – Review

Road Rage – Review

Back in 1991, Road Rash emerged as a fan favourite arcade racing game that gave a fun mix between arcade racing and vehicular combat, roll on 18 years and we've seen the racing game develop into a near lifelike representation of speed, but many miss the arcade roots or unadulterated fun. Roll-up Team 6 studios … Continue reading Road Rage – Review

Outcast : Second Contact – Review

Outcast was originally released back in 1999, at the cutting edge of 3D gaming it was well received by gamers and critics like.  Roll on 15 years and 2014 saw the initial Kickstarter campaign fail leaving Outcast in limbo, Big Ben Interactive picked up the pieces and finally in 2017 we have Outcast: Second Contact.. … Continue reading Outcast : Second Contact – Review

Perception – Review

Everyone likes a good thriller, and while the concept of a blind woman walking around a house might not sound very horrific, having limited awareness of your surroundings using echo-location proves a spine-tingling suspense builder to create a unique and intriguing game. Cassie is a young woman that's been troubled, while her blindness doesn't hold … Continue reading Perception – Review