Slayaway Camp : Butchers Cut

Halloween is upon us and what better way to celebrate than slicing up a few students on a murderous rampage. Puzzle games might not sound like the scariest way to spend an evening, but Slayaway Camp is proving otherwise with a bone-cracking smash. Slayaway camp is a sliding object, puzzle title, where you're tasked with … Continue reading Slayaway Camp : Butchers Cut


The Evil Within 2 – Review

It's not very often we see Friday the 13th just before Halloween, but when we do fright fans usually have some horror on their hands and this years it's up to The Evil Within to make its appearance. The first game proved to be a fright filled smash with a few bugs and a pretty … Continue reading The Evil Within 2 – Review

Middle Earth : Shadow of War – Review

It wasn't that long ago that Shadow of Mordor took the gaming world by storm, bagging numerous awards and giving brutal, free-flowing combat a home right next door to the nemesis system which would make your contact with enemy captains far more than just another body in the graveyard. The sequel Shadow of War is … Continue reading Middle Earth : Shadow of War – Review

Echo – (PS4) Review

For many years video games have been pushing towards the perfect Artificial intelligence, and stealth-puzzle survival title Echo takes that one step further, glancing into the future with the ultimate AI. After an impressive title screen showing a close up view of an Eyeball that looks around the screen as you move to highlight the … Continue reading Echo – (PS4) Review

Dronetopolis AR – (iPhone) Review

It's not very often I review mobile games, but with the dawn of Apple's AR Kit there's a distinct new feel about AR, and Dronetopolis does a fantastic job of showcasing what can be achieved with AR Kit. More 'for fun' than a serious direction, Dronetopolis allows you to control a drone wherever you are, … Continue reading Dronetopolis AR – (iPhone) Review

Jettomero : Hero of the Universe – Review

Jettomero is a giant AI robot, waking on a mysterious planet our good friend isn't quite sure why he's there, or what he's supposed to be doing but soon enough he decides that he's going to try and help the inhabitants. Sadly Jettomero isn't really built for such tasks, with a heavy body atop long … Continue reading Jettomero : Hero of the Universe – Review

Danger Zone – Review

Danger Zone might look familiar, any fans of the fantastic Burnout Crash junctions will find their spider-senses tingling as it's time once again to throw your car off a jump into a busy motorway in the hope of causing as much damage as possible. While not associated with Burnout directly, there's certainly more than meets … Continue reading Danger Zone – Review