Cities Skylines : Playstation 4 Edition – Review

City building... It's a genre of game that I've long been a fan of, but with most of my gaming on home consoles, there's not been quite as much choice. Sim City 2013's early issues killed any chance of a console release, and while Tropico and the more recent Aven Colony are great titles, non … Continue reading Cities Skylines : Playstation 4 Edition – Review


Masquerada : Songs & Shadows – Review

Masquerada Songs & Shadows come from a small development team in Singapore, we might not have heard much from Witching hour studios, except for a few mobile titles, but with Masquerada Songs and Shadow's they've certainly made a giant leap to console gaming. Masquerada (as we'll call it from here on in) is a fantasty … Continue reading Masquerada : Songs & Shadows – Review

Bleed – Review

Indie games are ever popular and recently we've seen more and more hit latest consoles. Concentrating more on unique gameplay rather than groundbreaking graphics, Bleed fits into what you'd expect from an indie game, bargain price, unique and fun gameplay but an unfortunate highlight of how far behind AAA titles too many indie titles are. … Continue reading Bleed – Review

Mr Shifty – Review

Everyone who's seen Marvel's Nightcrawler in action will know short-range teleportation is a pretty nifty trick. But if you could dodge bullets, teleport through walls and provide dangerous melee take-downs, you'd obviously be thinking about breaking into the worlds most secure facility. Tinybuild, publishers behind Party Hard, team up with Australian developers 'Team Shifty' to … Continue reading Mr Shifty – Review

Sine More EX – Review

Over the last five years, I've reviewed a number of shoot-em up's and time and time again I'd reference back to the 2012 hit Sine Mora as a fantastic balance of presentation and gameplay. Now in all it's glory, Sine Mora returns for the latest generation of consoles with Sine Mora EX, releasing on Xbox … Continue reading Sine More EX – Review

Demetrios : The Big Cynical Adventure – Review

The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but Demetrios certainly is a big, Cynical Adventure. You start off the game as Bjorn Thonen, a Parisian antique dealer in the capital of France with a tendency to encounter a little bit of bad luck. Poor Bjorn is awoken from his drunken slumber to sounds … Continue reading Demetrios : The Big Cynical Adventure – Review

Fortnite – Review

Everyone loves a good co-operative shooter and since the days of Left 4 Dead it's a genre that's been ever increasing in popularity. Likewise it's also become somewhat stale as developers strive to reach the quality found in Valve's Zombie smash hit, so there's a few eagle eyes watching on as Fortnite hits Early-access. Fortnite … Continue reading Fortnite – Review