For Honor – Review

There's a war brewing, the Knights known as the Black Legion are gathering forces, meanwhile the vicious vikings are building in strength, ¬†while the tactical Samurai are as dangerous as ever. Knights, Vikings, Samurai's, which one's best, there's only one way to find out.... Fight!!! Old fashioned melee combat has been done many times before, … Continue reading For Honor – Review


Chime Sharp – Review

Chime was first released on Xbox 360 7 years ago, and while it met critical acclaim and gained a loyal cult following it never quite had the pizzaz to be considered a mainstream classic. Roll on 2017 and Chime Sharp arrives, promising less rough edges, new modes, new visuals and new music, so could this … Continue reading Chime Sharp – Review

Vaccine – Review

One of the most memorable games for horror fans has to be Resident Evil, and while we've seen most titles remade, and the amazing Resident Evil 7 over the last few years, few have come close to the presentation and atmosphere of the original. Vaccine aims to change that and anyone would be forgiven if … Continue reading Vaccine – Review

TypoMan : Revised – Review

Tampony... Pony Mat... Many Pot ?? There's always a number of options when you're juggling letters around, but how does Typoman spell out. Words can be a powerful medium, but when written or uttered incorrectly their meaning can be unclear, rendering them powerless. Let's take for instance Typoman, the puzzle-platform game from Brainseed Factory. On paper, Typoman looks … Continue reading TypoMan : Revised – Review

MX Nitro – Review

It might not feel like almost 30 years since Kikstart 2 on the Commodore 64, or even nearly 8 years since Trials HD took the Xbox 360 by storm, but the Motorcycle Trials genre has been around a while and now there's a new but experienced competitor on the starting line. Brought to us by … Continue reading MX Nitro – Review

Sniper Elite 4 – Review

Sniper Elite 3 was released back in June 2014 and has built up quite a strong following, but as Karl Fairburne's story takes him to the Mediterranean, how will the Italians take to his testicle busting antics. Most people will know Sniper Elite as the king of X-ray kills, forget about Mortal Kombat, putting a … Continue reading Sniper Elite 4 – Review

Uncanny Valley – Review

Resident Evil may have taken the limelight when it comes to new horror games, but there's another title vying for attention, and Uncanny Valley is certainly a disturbed individual. You control Tom, a regular guy, who's got a new job as a security guy at your run of the mill abandoned building which never see's … Continue reading Uncanny Valley – Review