Watchdogs 2 – Review

Over the last few years, I've been awaiting a top quality open world title, with GTA V's legacy dragging on longer than an Eastenders omnibus.  Watchdogs 2 brings exactly what I've been waiting for, and being among those who genuinely enjoyed the first title, I was still optimistic of something even better. Roll up Watchdogs … Continue reading Watchdogs 2 – Review


Ittle Dew 2 – Review

Ittle has arrived on a strange island; the raft is wrecked and everything looks a little peculiar... How did you get here? Why are you in a tiny pond? And what do you do now...? Ittle Dew 2 is an action-adventure game which follows Ittle and her side-kick dog Tippsie. After they crash-land on a strange island … Continue reading Ittle Dew 2 – Review

Dishonored 2 – Review

Corvo returns, and his daughter Emily is now all grown up and in line for the throne. With her body-guard father beside her, what could possibly go wrong? For anyone who missed the original game, Dishonored was a smash hit, offering plenty of freedom along a fairly linear path. It immediately became its own rare … Continue reading Dishonored 2 – Review