ClusterTruck – Review

There's some weird and wacky games available on the Xbox One, some go un-noticed, others are little gems, but is ClusterTruck worth a bash.   ClustTruck starts off pretty simple, you spawn atop a plain white truck in a convoy of equally detailed trucks with a goal in the distance, as you leap from one … Continue reading ClusterTruck – Review


Titanfall 2 – Review

Just over 18 months since the release of their maiden voyage Titanfall, Respawn entertainment return with the sequel Titanfall 2. The original was widely regarded as one of the first great games on Xbox One, and without a doubt it was a console seller on it's multiplyer gameplay alone, but one thing it didn't manage … Continue reading Titanfall 2 – Review

Farming Simulator 17 – Review

It's two years since the last Farming Simulator title released on consoles as Farming Simulator 2016 was only available on mobile devices. But Farming Simulator 2017 is finally here and brings mod support and an even wider range of licensed vehicles and tools. Not too many years ago, I played my first Farming Simulator title, … Continue reading Farming Simulator 17 – Review

Mordheim : City of the Damned – Review

Warhammer is a fantasy universe as deep as any game you've played before, spanning the last 33 years we've seen various editions of the popular board game and more and more video games taking on the Warhammer franchise. Back when I was a teenager my sister decided she liked the idea of the model/painting side … Continue reading Mordheim : City of the Damned – Review

Battlefield 1 – Review

Over the last decade we've seen first person shooters go from World War every title to Modern or future warfare, but now it's time to go full circle as Battlefield 1 takes you back to the trenches. I've lost count of how many first person shooters I've played over the years, my favorite setting has … Continue reading Battlefield 1 – Review